the boys of summer

London finally got some nice weather over the weekend so I read some of my latest acquisitions whilst sitting in the blazing sun.

It seems like Maxwell Caulfield had the same idea whilst on the set of Grease 2!

I really enjoy that film and all the teen magazines were full of pinups and fold out posters showing off those eyes, that mouth and the body! Plus articles glossing over Maxwell’s Soho club go go dancer boy past.
Be sure to visit Amy’s Grease 2 site!

This cover is pure beefcake, I was tempted to bid on it for novelty value but then the price zoomed up to over $30 so that was out of my price range!

I expect it probably had photos like these, poor Scott Baio looking all sad and lonely and half-naked, omg this reminds me of those Zac Efron pap photos when he was running in the Hollywood hills!
Here is Glenn Scarpelli in very short shorts lounging on his bed.

Wait, what could be worse than those shorts?
How about a crop top!

Your eyes do not deceive you!

Talking of eyes, it took a lot of eyescrubbing to try and rid them of this image.
Mmm John Travolta’s gusset.

To end on a gusset note, here’s a Coppertone advert that always disturbed me a little, why is she so deliriously happy that men are looking and laughing at her ladygarden?

“I learned the hard way about sex”, says Willie.

Teen Spectacular October 1979 cover courtesy of ebay,

oh how I wish I’d actually bought it!

This is the first magazine cover I ever saw on ebay to make me laugh so much, I felt sick. I don’t even know where to start. Willie? Leif? Discover your body next to a grinning Jimmy Baio? Shaun’s tragic love mistakes?

It made me start thinking that I simply had to show these sort of images to a wider audience and that I couldn’t be alone in finding these interesting and hilarious.

Granted, this is from 1979 but you have to wonder what would come in the future years. Would they be able to top the use of colour, different fonts, innuendo, the strap lines, all on one magazine cover and inside?

Well, this blog is an attempt to find out. I hope you’ll come along for the journey into what my magazine collection and the mighty ebay has to offer!

I take requests if you have any themes you’d like to see from the 80s magazines.