“I learned the hard way about sex”, says Willie.

Teen Spectacular October 1979 cover courtesy of ebay,

oh how I wish I’d actually bought it!

This is the first magazine cover I ever saw on ebay to make me laugh so much, I felt sick. I don’t even know where to start. Willie? Leif? Discover your body next to a grinning Jimmy Baio? Shaun’s tragic love mistakes?

It made me start thinking that I simply had to show these sort of images to a wider audience and that I couldn’t be alone in finding these interesting and hilarious.

Granted, this is from 1979 but you have to wonder what would come in the future years. Would they be able to top the use of colour, different fonts, innuendo, the strap lines, all on one magazine cover and inside?

Well, this blog is an attempt to find out. I hope you’ll come along for the journey into what my magazine collection and the mighty ebay has to offer!

I take requests if you have any themes you’d like to see from the 80s magazines.

Hello Sailor!

Here is a photo I snapped from a teen mag gossip page where they would have small pictures and gossip items before the main articles and pinups.

After starring in The Blue Lagoon, Chris Atkins was a confessed naturist, starring as a male stripper (Ricky The Rocket) in a flop film, A Night In Heaven & posing for Playgirl, shocking the teen mags. Allegedly his daughter posted on IMDB, claiming that he walks around the house naked, haha.

I don’t really know what to say about the pic, which I guess sets the tone for this blog! I just wanted to post things that caught my eye, either due to short shorts or my love for ‘subtext’.

Is there anything of the ’80s you’d like me to focus on?