wonders of ebay

(heheh, he’s checking out his pole)

New Kids in their 16 shirts, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS AND HIS FACE.
Oooh I’m actually tempted by the Cry Baby preview now, and the TV Outsiders coverage, argh. I’ll be strong, I can’t afford to start collecting Cry Baby material and I can’t really afford this magazine at the moment anyway! Maybe if I see it again in the future and have spare money I’ll buy it then.

The great thing about flicking through these vintage magazines is when you see faces you know now. For instance, there was a John Stamos mini comeback a few years ago, I believe? He was in… jesus, I didn’t realise he was in Friends as the potential unknowingly sperm donor for Chandler and Monica, I just watched that ep a few weeks ago, haha! Oh, he’s been in E.R.
Jack Coleman from Heroes, and others that I can’t think of right now as I think this most recent one beats them all!

A young Jackie Earl Haley who will forever make my skin crawl as the paedophile from Little Children, shudder. But Look! He was in Slab Boys on Broadway with Sean Penn, Val Kilmer (LOL MULLET) and Kevin Bacon!

I’m going to go and tweet this to him now! I think he’ll be really good as Freddy Krueger in the new film they’re doing, I love Robert Englund in the role but it’ll be interesting to see someone else take on the mythology of Freddy and perhaps flesh out his backstory a bit.

OHH, I LOVE IT. Upon looking on twitter, I found this gem. This is what I love about Hollywood through the years, the way people are connected to each other! Casting anecdotes are always fun, makes you wonder what a film could have been like with someone else in it.

“Johnny Depp got the role in Elm Street by besting the guy he gave a ride to the audition, Jackie Earl Haley, who is the new Freddy.”

EDIT: 30/08/09 – Jackie wrote back on Twitter about the picture! @pitythebackseat I was the only one with long hair and bell bottoms… still stuck in the 70s. Great pic, thanks. J

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