A new year, a new start!

Apologies, life got in the way of updating this blog! But now I’m ready to show you all the wonders I can find!
Let’s start with the lovely Diane Lane, it was her birthday last week and I’d always wanted to show people the wonders of Diane Lane’s freaky eyes.

(the costume designer for Streets Of Fire, Marilyn Vance also did Pretty In Pink!)

Diane Lane looks stunning in so many of her films and this one is no exception- Streets Of Fire is a personal favourite, she plays rocker Ellen Aim, playing a benefit gig in her hometown, getting kidnapped by a motorcycle gang and rescued by the delicious Michael Pare! It’s worth a watch!
In 1980, she was hit in the eye with a tennis ball that caused one pupil to dilate forever.
Clueless to that fact, upon flicking through ’80s magazines and seeing a picture where it was really obvious, freaked me out!

My first thought was, “she’s on drugs! Really weird drugs that only dilate one eye!”

Well, Diane had everything, looks, money (she was a multi millionaire by the time she was 18), troubled childhood, flings with co-stars (and later on, Jon Bon Jovi!), I thought she’d just been partaking of a few special treats other than her beloved cigarettes but nope, tennis ball!
I wonder if she used eye drops or contact lenses as it doesn’t seem that obvious all the time?
Once you see it, you can never unsee it…. the same unfortunately goes for the unsightly concealer… and the teeth before they were capped.
The pictures are from Diane celebrating her birthday in Japan,
promoting The Cotton Club and her advertising for Max Factor’s ‘Fame’ range!

As a sidenote, Japanese ’80s magazines are famed for their elaborate photo shoots and determinedness to publish the most unflattering candids ever. This will become clear later on if it wasn’t already by the above!

Diane’s one of my favourites from the ’80s, so this won’t be the last time she features on this blog. I want to see Ladies & Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains sometime this year. I’m glad to see she’s made a return to acting after her 2008 retirement, her new project, Secretariat looks really interesting!

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