Never judge a book by its cover!

Merry Christmas, Teen Dreamers! 
Hope you’ve enjoyed the festive season so far!
I made the above bunting to hang on my shelves when I’d done all my wrapping. 
Am rather tempted to leave it up all year. 
As the nights draw in and it’s cold, I always find seem to find myself outside a second hand bookshop.
Today I ventured into Any Amount Of Books, which is always fun to visit.
I’m trying to be better with book buying/spending so I reluctantly put down three Enid Blyton Circus books that would have been just perfect for a friend and started to rifle through their film shelves.
The fun about these places is that you never know what will be on the shelves.
oooh, what’s this?
Oooh, let’s have a look inside!
That’s….not what I was expecting.

In the back is a portfolio of the artworks with titles, dates and an essay from the artist, Dawn Mellor on Michael Jackson’s appeal to her as a black teen. She stopped when his songs were turning too ‘seductive’ and ‘predatory’.
I thought this was such an unusual book, I bet some Michael Jackson fan/collector would like to have it. 

 The rest of Any Amount has lots to discover in piled high shelves, boxes, tables and corners. I was tempted by this New Women In Rock book in the half price basement. You can’t go wrong with Grace Jones, Heart, Siouxsie and others! 

I ended up with this amazing new book on Bowie, published this year, Any Amount had it for half the retail price and it’s a gorgeous little book. Can’t wait to read more of it this weekend…

and I shall be bringing you new magazine treats in the new year! 
Ohhhh… Yesss indeed.
Oh, I noticed a few people have been leaving comments with requests, I shall have a few posts up soon!

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