Statement Jewellery! Tatty Devine gets the 80’s treatment!

 Warning, this is a picture heavy post!

I have a lot of love for British independent jewellery brand, Tatty Devine, they create fantastic, unusual and creative pieces of jewellery ranging from perspex to fine silver and have had an amazing year, culminating in the designers, Rosie and Harriet being awarded MBEs! 
They have a legendary sample sale once a year, held over the first May bank holiday in their Brick Lane shop and prices start at a very reasonable £5. 

Being fortunate enough to have got some vouchers recently due to my birthday before the weekend, Saturday morning I trekked to Brick Lane and queued with many other Tatty Devine fans, most of us wearing pieces from their collections. I wore my black medium Pegasus wings necklace which I bought on a whim at the last sample sale and it has turned out to be one of my most favourite necklaces! 
Rummaging through the sale bins and boxes, you find old production items ranging from the inception of Tatty Devine ( a slice of tomato, Harriet? 😉 ) to recent items still for sale in store for full price.
Look at that amazing swans belt buckle? Swoon. Piece of art!

I wanted to show a selection of the items I bought but wondered how I could tie them in to the very loose theme of this blog? 
Matt Dillon’s face gave me the answer! I collect teen magazines from the ’80s and thought I would rope in the pin ups to help display Tatty Devine, perfect! So here goes! 

      Matt Dillon makes hearts flutter in a Silver Pegasus wings necklace

Rob Lowe turns the smoulder factor up to 11 with a Volume knob brooch 

Adam Ant is a sight for sore eyes with a pair of Cartoon Eyes rings 

Michelle is waiting for her Cool Rider wearing an Enamel Swallows necklace.

Tatty Devine are well known for large statement pieces, their necklaces are my favourite items so I was glad to pick up this large mirrored chain in the sale, although I narrowly missed out on their iconic parakeet necklace! 

Olivia and John : bit of thigh action in chains, kinky.

Brooke dons these Crazy 3D specs to distract from the knitwear! 
I was fortunate enough to get more Tatty Devine vouchers from my dear friend Sam on Saturday evening, I knew exactly what I wanted to get. A Comic Speech Bubble necklace! So I managed to hold off from heading out to the sale again, although it was tempting with so many goodies being shared on Instagram and twitter. 

I ventured into their Monmouth Street store at lunchtime today, filled out a form and they do it for you on the spot, it usually takes 20 minutes but due to lots of orders, the lovely sales lady asked me to come back in an hour. 
This was waiting for me when I got back! 
(The necklace normally comes on a gold chain, ironically I don’t wear gold so asked for silver!) 
This phrase is from the young adult ’60s classic novel and pre-Brat Pack ’80s movie The Outsiders as the characters are inspired by Robert Frost’s poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay.
That’s not all, I asked for it to be double sided! Here are the two sides on display on two books from my collection. (Yes, I collect different editions of S E Hinton novels. Please don’t ask me how many I have!) 
French novel gifted to me by my fellow Outsiders fan, Vanina!
Italian edition with my favourite character Two-Bit and signed by Emilio Estevez himself <3
The two sides in one image with their respective speakers! Hi bb Tom Cruise!

Thank you Tatty Devine for being a joy to buy from and wear.  One day I will own your fine silver chip fork! 

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