Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick : A flashback!

As the weather gets brighter, it’s always nice to look forward to exhibitions being held in London over the summer months.

As it’s a cool bank holiday weekend, I thought I would look back at an innovative exhibition I visited last year, as I want to share some of the amazing installations they had.

                                       DAYDREAMING WITH STANLEY KUBRICK


I loved seeing all the different art forms, especially themed around Kubrick’s movies and career.
I’ve often wished we would have a permanent gallery in London, to feature artists with themed briefs like these, such as Gallery 1988 in NYC and LA. Going through their exhibit pages is always a joy.
The only closest thing I can think of is Little White Lies doing an exhibit of Victorian inspired art on Guillermo Del Toro’s films when promoting Crimson Peak.
Somerset House also did a shortlived screenprint art exhibition themed on their outdoor summer screenings slate, so I hope they do that again this year as I missed it last year! Cassandra Yap’s Dracula print is a thing of beauty.
It was a beautiful sunny day when I walked up to Somerset House which really is a fantastic venue for exhibitions, with lovely rooms off long corridors. I was lucky enough to get a ticket for one of the last days it was on and I’m glad I had the chance to see this in person.


Entering the corridors was eerie as straight away, you were transported into Kubrick’s film worlds with the overlook carpet winding all around the corridors. Totally a hit on Instagram!


The pile of fireplaces was creepy and the radios scattered all along the corridors, I think were emanating static noises?


One room had lots of different artwork on the walls, a taxidermy piece inspired by A Clockwork Orange, a Harland Miller artwork and a huge wall dedicated to a Kubrick baby photo, with a quote “the most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent…”

My favourite of the hanging art prints were the Clockwork Orange print as well as this Full Metal Jacket one.

One room that I kept going back to was the teddy bears room, with two giant teddy bears dressed as a Clockwork Orange Droog and accessorized with Lolita sunglasses and lollipop.

I think it was the neon, I love a bit of neon.

“when you talk about love, you make me feel invisible”

I also loved the shelves with lots of glass, all etched with Kubrick film titles or quotes. I thought this was very effective as well as a metal maze for The Shining.

A ‘breathing’ camera really unsettled me, as well as the lifesize Kubrick wax figure which was tucked away in an alcove, all on its own.

Another more subtle piece that was a favourite, was one that I don’t think many people noticed as it was tucked away in one of the staircases. As you entered, they had lines from The Shining script all around the staircases, interspersed with lights. I wish I could have seen how effective it was in low light, but this was one of my favourite parts of the exhibition!

After this, I was inspired to see more art and make a full day of it, so I trekked to see Jeff Koonz at the Newport Street Gallery, marvelling at this empty mosaic fountain I found along the way.


I was not disappointed, look at this beauty of a Balloon Monkey!


and the sheer SIZE. I was in awe.


I ventured home along the south bank and popped in to the Festival Hall see their “VENTRICLE” artwork by SOFTlabNYC, which had caught my eye from outside. Look at the sheer colours shining in the light, it was beautiful


I got the train home from Waterloo, where they had installed a giant STAY PUFT marshmallow man breaking through the floor and had slime all over the security cameras, a fun promotion for the new Ghostbusters movie, much along the lines of the Jurassic World raptors promo they did the year before.


Somerset House has a lot of fantastic exhibitions and events lined up for this summer, so I look forward to venturing out to a few more!

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