Need some fannish wrapping ideas?

Got you covered here at Eighties Teen Dreams, albeit a bit late, but better late than never!

I love wrapping, this year I’ve slacked a bit but there’s nothing more fun than personalising a present with someone’s favourite fandom as an extra personal touch! I wanted to show some fun examples that you can use!

I couldn’t find any Star Wars themed paper in time to go with this cute gift bag, so the closest I got was a lovely holographic constellations paper… ehh, close enough!

I put together this Scream themed package for a friend of mine. I used the backside of some fancy wrapping paper, (as I couldn’t find any pure white) used  left over from Halloween fake blood spray and a Billy Loomis badge from HorrorscopeOfficial, pinning together some festive ribbon and I was really pleased with how it came out.


You can personalise the wrapping paper itself, a few companies let you print custom designs which I was looking into as the delightful Missy Boop did the most amazing Outsiders themed wrapping paper (and matching gift tags to boot!) for me, that I just had to have to wrap books last year!  Unfortunately I couldn’t find any companies to print it in time for me, so I just ran it off on the home printer but I was so pleased with how it came out. Again, with the themed pin holding together ribbon.


People underestimate how much a plain colour really pops in wrapping paper, if there are several small items grouped grouped and tied together, especially it’s a lovely golden sheen.

I like using different textures and materials, having a variety on one gift can help it look special as long as it’s themed in colour, overwise it could be overdone, but heck, it’s Christmas, put EVERYTHING ON.  Matte star on glitter tag on holographic foil? Yes please! 


Talking of everything, don’t sleep on those massive Pat Butcher earrings that you see in the shops that you’d never wear, but they’d be the perfect touch for a ribbon or keeping a gift tag on a giftbag!

I’m obsessed with movie enamel pins and can’t stress how much these really elevate a present even if you use cheap ones as an extra touch on a gift tag. (Thanks Primark!)


I especially loved the way these small Karate Kid pins add some much needed flair to plain ribbons on a gift box! Who else is excited for the new Cobra Kai series next year?!


If you don’t have any themed pins, you can always use coloured washi tape to envoke a theme or colour scheme associated with a fandom. Here, I used some Twin Peaks colours, obviously the wrapping paper does most of the work here but thought the taped gift tag just added an extra touch.



You can also use stickers, cut out pictures taped onto the wrapping paper, stamping using a cut out shape from potato, foam or pieces of rubber lino for homemade stamps! Have fun and your gift recipient will be excited before they even open the gift!

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