4 things I learnt from Drew Barrymore’s book, Little Girl Lost

As Drew Barrymore covers the new Instyle with the ultimate throwback, reinacting some of her ’80s looks, I wanted to highlight her first book, Little Girl Lost, co-written with the king of Hollywood celeb tell alls, Todd Gold.

It’s a moving book, as other than fun accounts of working on set of various films, Drew recounts her difficult relationship with her mother and their struggles with each other during her turbulent childhood and teens. During her well publicised battles with drink and drugs, Drew entered rehab twice before the age of 14.  It is worth a read if you can find it!

I got my copies from Drew Barrymore fans, thank you Ashley and Misti!

*Drew recounted how her friends lured her to a surprise 10th birthday party at Limelight, by saying Matt Dillon would be there.  “When I learnt Matt Dillon was just the bait, and not actually there. I got angry… for like half a second.  Maybe I was spoiled but I had such a crush on him.”

*She went to Rob Lowe’s 20th birthday party, heavily made out with his little brother, Micah and had her first slow dance with Emilio Estevez.    Hashtag goals! Mmm, Emilio.

*Her first romantic kiss was with none other than the yummy Breckin Meyer.    Get it, Young Drew!  Breckin has a pseudonym in the book as…. Brackin… Good work, Mr Gold.

*Before the premiere of  Firestarter, Drew spent two weeks at Stephen King’s house in Maine, where he made “the best french toast!” He also told Drew and his kids made up ghost stories each night in his attic office. You know they would have been creepy!

In the early ’90s, Drew also worked at Mickey Rourke’s kiosk, Mickey and Joey’s as a side job whilst she auditioned.

I really enjoy Santa Clarita Diet and look forward to a second series in 2018! Plus, wouldn’t Drew be a great cameo in series 3 of Stranger Things?

If you want to learn more about Drew’s childhood or her life up to date, follow The Drewseum and their extensive archive of items relating to Drew. They have a fantastic and moving biography all about Drew on their site.

Drew also has another book, Wildflower but it’s more different chapters and stories from her life, rather than a chronological follow up to Little Girl Lost. I hope to add Wildflower to my bookshelves soon, especially with its lovely blue cover in paperback. It’ll look great alongside my copies of Find It In Everything and Little Girl Lost.

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