Meeting Rose McGowan at Cyrcle’s first solo art exhibition in Shoreditch!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of teen and horror movies and Scream is one of my all time favourites!

A few months ago, actress, singer and newly awarded director Rose McGowan tweeted that she was in town to attend her husband, Davey Detail’s art exhibition and I jumped at the chance to hopefully meet her and check out some new exciting art.

Shoreditch is not one of the easiest places to get to from work but I prevailed, encouraged by Riikka worrying that it would be a closed press night but as I walked up, the warm lights through the open doors beckoned everyone in!

I grabbed a flyer and some stickers and started to look at the art on the walls, as much as I could move around the very packed gallery. (Yes, I love my phone’s panoramic feature!)

There were cocktails handed out in gorgeous mason jars and photographers documenting CYRCLE’s Davey and Rabi as they mingled with the gallery crowd.

The CYRCLE art collective as a whole, consists of three artists, all from very different backgrounds (graffiti, fine art and design) and their work is really striking to look at as it moves from woodprints, stretched canvases and screenprints, to busts on pillars to shadow boxes.

The crowd dispersed a bit when the bar shut down, so thankfully we all had more breathing room to step back and look at the art as a whole rather than being so close your nose is almost touching the frame (a good perspective, but doesn’t work for all pieces!).
I really enjoyed several pieces you can see below, especially the NAKED one and the CYRCLE print is still a instant favourite. I am still tempted to buy a print from the gallery, fingers crossed they still have it! (These images are from a few days later on the weekend, I went back to get some proper photos!)

As I was checking out more of the artwork, I saw Rose talking with friends and fellow gallery goers. I didn’t want to interrupt so I waited until she was heading to a different part of the gallery before saying her name and as she turned to face me, she smiled as she got a glimpse of the Dawn flyers I had printed.

We talked about Dawn premiering at Sundance, she told me it was coming to London and fistpumped with joy and excitement!  Rose showed me some amazing stills from the movie. I cannot wait to see it, it just looks like a true slice of Americana, with gorgeous pastel colours and atmospheric locations.

For Christmas, I’d bought a Scream themed Ghostface necklace from the talented BlackHearts Creative, designed by the marvellously macabre Smokin Tofu    (favourited by Wes Craven!)

I’d brought a spare one along to show Rose in the hopes she may pose for a photo and model it as only she could.  She instantly mentioned how she loved working with Wes Craven and Matthew Lillard and gladly posed for a photo or two! Rose gladly kept the necklace too.

I also got the chance to congratulate Davey on his show and his brilliant artwork. They are a talented couple and just seem to bring out the best in each other.  I look forward to seeing what else they create!

I have my tickets ready for Dawn’s showing in Sundance London, Dawn will be in the Shorts Programme on Saturday and Sunday! Who else is going?

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